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MODE Aesthetics Stem Cell PRP Mask (5 sheets)

MODE Aesthetics Stem Cell PRP Mask (5 sheets)

RM298.00 一般價格

The daily sheet masque with Plant Stem Cells, Plasma Albumin (PRP), PDRN and Growth Factors help to stimulate cell growth and proliferation by binding to its GFS receptor.

Enriched with 3 growth factors and rich nutrients for a perfect skin complexion.


The PRP with Stem Cell Daily Sheet Masque uses an unique Cryogen™ technology to maintain the stability of active ingredients, the PRP with Stem Cell Mask is enriched with 4 highly concentrated growth factor extracts and skin nutrients such as EGF, PDGF, BFGF and KGF with liposome technology. 


Direction of Use: 
After cleansing and toner application, leave the mask on and relax for 25 to 30 minutes before removing it. Gently massage and tap the remaining essence into your skin.  

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