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Cellulite Reduction & Spot Fat Reduction

FAT BLASTER (LIPOMELT) is the latest technology for body contouring that is based on 448khz RET system (Resistive Electrical Transfer) that is a technology that generates 3 biological effects: biostimulation, vascularisation and hyperactivation.

This triple-effect process increases metabolic cell activity, blood flow, and circulation while improving tissue and cell oxygenation. FAT BLASTER breaks down unwanted fat cells to achieve a firmer and toner body contour. 

The 448khz RET system targets deep fat by adjusting the proper frequency of ion activity inside and outside the cells so that the positive and negative ion exchange of the cell is restored to normal and are balanced resulting in an enhancement of cell activity. 

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30 minutes of Fat Blaster is equivalent to jogging for 5km, reaping even more physical aesthetic benefits due to the metabolic balance that targets the cells deep within the skin. The 448khz modulation wave 

Fat Blaster Benefits: 

- Firm and Contour the body 

- Eliminate stubborn fat cells 

- Burn visceral fat

- Increase metabolism

- Lymphatic detoxification

- Improve blood circulation
- Recovery of cells, nerves, bones, muscles, and ligaments
- Regulate endocrine
- Improve sleep quality


MODE AESTHETICS @ Gurney Paragon Mall

163D-5-29 Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang, Malaysia.

+604-2280-669 | +6016-880-4168


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